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Posted on about 2 months ago

Freelance Interior Photographer & Drone Operator - Bordeaux


We are excited to invite you to join Setflow On Demand as a Freelance Interior Photographer & Drone Operator. At Setflow, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the production process by providing a comprehensive digital workspace that connects clients with top-tier professionals like yourself.

How to be part of Setflow On-demand:

  • sign-up on Setflow On Demand and create your portfolio (https://creative.setflow.io/signup)
  • wait for approval
  • get in touch with other creatives 
  • wait to be booked for a shooting by our clients


  • Proven experience as an interiors freelance photographer & Drone operator
  • Drone with high-resolution camera capability
  • Excellent knowledge of various photography techniques, equipment, and software
  • Proficient in using professional photography equipment
  • A keen eye for detail and an aesthetic sense for composition, light, and color
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously


  • Access to a broad network of potential clients and projects.
  • Freedom to set your own schedules and select projects that interest you.

To join Setflow On Demand, please visit our sign-up page at https://creative.setflow.io/signup and complete your profile, we look forward to the a of welcoming you to our community! ✨