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Posted on 3 months ago

Videographer - Drone Expert


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About the Role

Our client, a forwarding company, requires the services of an expert drone videographer for a short-term project in Constanta, Romania. The purpose of this project is to capture aerial footage of the client's cargo as it enters the Constanta port, during its reloading, and while port operations are being performed. Additionally, the client is interested in obtaining videos of the cargo traveling along the road. The freelancer is required to be on-site for the entire duration of the work, which spans over a day or two.


  • Set up and operate a professional-grade drone equipped with a high-quality camera for aerial videography.
  • Capture detailed and stable footage of the client's cargo as it enters the Constanta port, during reloading operations, and while port activities are being carried out.
  • Obtain aerial footage of the cargo traveling along the road, ensuring proper framing and composition.
  • Comply with all relevant regulations and obtain necessary permits for drone operations within the designated areas.
  • Maintain open communication with the client, providing updates and incorporating feedback as necessary.


  • Proven expertise in professional drone videography, with a strong portfolio showcasing aerial footage and cinematography.
  • Ownership of a professional-grade drone equipped with a high-quality camera suitable for videography.
  • Proficiency in operating and maneuvering drones for capturing stable and cinematic footage.